Hi, I'm Rhys Elliott.

Hi, I'm Rhys Elliott. I am currently in my second year studying Commputer Games Programming at Stafforshire University. I am interested in graphics and networking for games and am currently working on developing my C# networking skills.


University Work

Cover photo for 'Heaven's Blade' project

Heaven's Blade

A 2D platformer with an online leaderboard.

Cover photo for SDL Project

SDL Project

Project developed with SDL featuring a recreation of Mario Bros and one original level

Cover photo for UE5 project

UE5 Project

A prototype level built within UE5 .

Personal Projects

OpenGL Project

A visual project developed with the use of OpenGL 1.1, freeGLUT and GLM

Cover photo for all my projects

All Projects

A list of all my completed projects

Contact Me

Email: contact@rhyselliott.com


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