Heaven's Blade

Heaven's Blade is a 2D platformer prototype with a focus on speed and movement that I made for uni over the course of six weeks. The prototype includes an online leaderboard and many features to create an interesting character controller. The online leaderboard was built using PHP and MySQL which took up the majority of development time.

OpenGL Project

In order to improve my pure programming skills, I worked on this project for a month which I would have had to complete if I had chosen to do Games Programming during my first year.In my project, I have implemented: bmp image loader, .obj mesh loader, camera movement, texturing stylistic reminiscent of the ps1, materials and lighting.

SDL Project

This is a university project I worked on for the Games Engine Cretion module. We were tasked with recreating the original Mario Bros using C++ and SDL2 whilst also creating a second level. I implemented the minimum requirements of rendering sprites, playing music and sound effects, using bounding box/circle collision and having a game screen manager while also adding dynamic level loading from a text file, scrolling screen functionality, high score tables stored in a text file and projectiles.

UE5 Project

I worked on this project as part of the 3D Engines module at Staffs Uni. The goal for the project was the expand upon an existing framework by designing and creating mechanics showcased in one single level. For this project I focussed on working with materials, lighting, particles and sound for the first time inside of UE5.


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